Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Open Question

I'd like to hold a modest experiment. If people participate, this could be interesting.

What are the challenges that a Christian faces in relating to this world, this time in history?

Please, comment at your leisure.


Joseph Fromm said...
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Joseph Fromm said...


I am forty - two years old. I have two children with one on the way. My over riding work is to limit pop culture's access into the house it is so powerful and so destructive. What that means in my life is: no cable or broadcast television into the house and not compromising my Catholic faith.



Anonymous said...

The challenges that Christians largely face in relating to our world are passions. It is not that passions erect a boundary which is impenetrable by Christians but that passions do not solely utilize non-Christians. Christians are not impassible; they experience the world as all other human beings do, they are tempted and tried on many accounts, and when passions prevail it is through faith and proper confession they are forgiven. Many people however, would rather experience immediate pleasure than give our heavenly Father His due. It is our Christian experience of passions that we can relate to the world in its current condition. The challenge still remains whether Christians feel it necessary to confront these challenges.