Monday, February 16, 2009

On Psalm 62

Only when my life, only when there is space within me for God to call out for me, do I find rest. Within me is no continuity. I change with the second, and my glancing vision leads me everywhere, though I am only here. My trust needs a point around which it can settle and find itself. My trust can only find stability in the ever growing and expanding point of God's presence. If I cannot find a place of trust within myself, if there is no room for God to dwell within me, then I am lost, doomed to bounce between thin foundations and poeple who would make me theirs.

I cannot just wait for God. I must clear Him a space. I must prepare Him a room. Within me is room enough. I can hope in His coming. When He comes He will not leave. He can make a dwelling in my presence and fill me with His love. My great hope is Him, who trades His life for mine. Through Him I am granted life. I wait, then, and my soul begins to clear and prepare for his arrival.

In His presence, the evils in my life are thing and lifeless; they seem dull and uninteresting. Without Him they control my person and destroy the love which I so desperately wish to give. God metes power and kindness, and His will invites me to share in both. With my Rock, my life roots deep in love. Without it, I am blown like dust without another life.

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